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Travel adjustment is a transmitter setting that controls for each servo channel how far to each side of center a servo will move. It is often also called servo (or channel) 'throw', 'travel', 'adjustable travel volume' (ATV), or 'end points' or 'end point adjustment' (EPA). The end points can usually be set separately each side of center.

On a typical modern radio, the end point is not a hard range limit but merely a scaling factor; that is, with the end points set to 50%, with normal control inputs the servos will move through half their normal distance. However, additional mixes to the channel (including dual rates and CCPM mixing) can make the servo exceed its set end point.

In addition, each servo will have a limit to the amount that it can turn, and each transmitter will have a limit to the range of motion that it can request from the servo (equal to the largest endpoint that can be set on the transmitter). When inputs are combined together with other mixes (especially CCPM mixes), it is possibly to run up against these limits when extreme inputs are given.

On a non-CCPM helicopter, the end points can be used to control the total range of cyclic pitch and collective pitch available, in the same way that the swash mix settings are used on a CCPM helicopter. On a CCPM helicopter, the end points can be used to reduce CCPM interaction.

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