Compass Knight 3D

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Compass Knight 3D
Knight 3d.jpg
Manufacturer Compass Model
Class 50 size nitro
Build Kit
Blade size600mm

The Knight 3D is a development of the Compass Knight Sport with many improvements, including:

  • Vibration damped engine mountings;
  • Alloy head parts.


There have been a number of improvements made since the original release of this model. These include:

  • Upgrading the feathering shaft from 6mm to 8mm, requiring the blade grips to be changed.
  • A CNC machined white main gear, stronger than the original black injection molded one.
  • A number of changes have been made to the original clutch/ starter assembly.
    • The original bearing holder had excessive vertical play. The new bearing holder (which takes two bearings of the same size) fixes this.
    • The original clutch assembly tended to run the clutch so high that it would rub on the tail belt drive gear. Initially a washer was inserted between the clutch and the pinion; later the top of the clutch was extended slightly to increase the gap and the clutch bell/ pinion is retained by a nut (02-0318N, or 02-8302 for complete assembly); uses a longer starter shaft (02-0317N).

Hints and tips

Some users have reported getting more responsiveness by flipping the main blade grips from leading edge to trailing edge; see link below.

With the original clutch bell/ starter assebly, there may be a small amount of vertical play (1-2mm). This can be eliminated by studlocking the pinion to its mounting bearing, and placing a 6mm washer between the upper bearing and the hex starter coupling.

The bearing sizes for the mounting the original clutch bell/ starter shaft are as follows (IDxODxT):

  • Top bearing: 6x19x6 (order code 60-6196);
  • Bottom bearing: 8x19x6 (order code 60-8196).

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