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The cyclic pitch control lever (often referred to simply as "the cyclic") allows the pitch of the main rotor blades to be varied throughout their 360-degree cycle. By generating more or less lift at different points across the rotor disk, the disk (and so the helicopter) can be made to incline and thus by directing the thrust created by the collective pitch move the helicopter in any direction.

On transmitters using Mode 2 layout (standard setup in the US), cyclic is controlled by the right-hand stick. These inputs cause the servos on the helicopter to tilt the swashplate in the desired direction.

For ease of discussion, cyclic inputs are often broken down into two dimensions at 90 degrees to each other:

Longitudinal cyclic causes the helicopter to pitch, raising or lowering the nose.
Lateral cyclic causes the helicopter to roll, moving the helicopter to the left or right.

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