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Deans Ultra

Deans connectors come in two forms:

  • Deans Ultra
Polarized two pin connectors that come in male (plug) or female (socket) forms, primarily used for high current power connections. The female connector is typically used as the connector on the battery, as it reduces the risk of accidental shorting. There are many Deans Ultra copies available; they are cheaper, but often do not work as well (typically, they don't grip properly). Often called 'Deans connectors', though the original (discontinued) Deans connector is closer in size to the Deans Micro.
  • Deans Micro
Polarized miniature two, three or four pin connectors that are often used for power delivery on very small models, but can also be used for data connections.

Known issues

Joining the connectors is really a two-hand job. Separating the connectors can be difficult (some people file a small lip on the meeting plastic surfaces to make it easier).

The connectors may spark on joining (as the capacitors in the ESC fill)---this sparking is not on the surfaces normally used for conduction, and is not a problem.

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Shorted Deans Ultra connector

It is rare, but possible, for the spring on the back of the male positive terminal to fold over and short on the negative terminal during connection.

While there is a conventional way for wiring up Deans Micro connectors (the battery positive should be connected to the male terminal), this standard is not universally adhered to.

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