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Major parts

  • Main rotor provides the main lifting and control surfaces;
  • Tail rotor provides directional and anti-torque control;
  • Main mast connects the main rotor to the helicopter;
  • Swashplate controls the pitch of the main rotor blades and the flybar;
  • Tail belt transfers power from the motor to the tail rotor;
  • Torque tube another method for transferring power to the tail rotor;
  • Anti-rotation bracket keeps the swashplate straight;
  • Blade controls airflow, to create lift or other control;
  • Canopy makes your heli look nice, easier to see, and keeps the gubbins clean;
  • Tail boom mounts the tail rotor assembly to the helicopter;
  • Boom stays strengthen the tail boom.
  • Landing gear A safe base to start and finish on.

The rotor head

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Rotor head parts.

Internal combustion helicopters

Electric helicopters


Other parts

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