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The Logictech 2100T is a small (10g) heading hold gyro with digital servo and short-frame servo capability. It is available with or without a matched digital servo suitable for use on small electric helicopters.

The Hitec HG5000 is an identical gyro produced under a different branding.

The gyro has the following features configurable using an on-gyro menu system and transmitter:


  • The 2100T is known to be extremely sensitive to vibration, and so is only recommended for use on electric helicopters.
  • The circuit board inside the gyro is only held loosely inside the case, and can benefit from a foam pad being added inside the case and the circuit board to stop it vibrating inside.
  • Some users have reported that the 2100T is susceptible to crosstalk on the input signal line, and that the input servo wires should be routed as far as possible from other servo wires.
  • For best performance, the tail servo position and pushrod length should be adjusted so that the helicopter will maintain heading in the hover in rate mode with no trim applied.
  • The gyro will take the rudder center value from whatever signal it receives when it starts up. If some amount of trim (or subtrim) is set, this will move the servo's center position slightly and allow you to fine tune the rate mode servo position. The gyro must be restarted after any trim change, however, to avoid confusing the heading hold mode.
  • A calibration mode has been found that may help make the gyro more accurate. See external links.

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