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Phoenix is a model flight simulator, targeted particularly at model helicopter flyers. In the earlier days (before version 2.0), a number of very proficient helicopter pilots (including Ade Law of FlyingAid) were advisors and testers for the product.

Early 2.0 betas had a number of issues which have mostly been ironed out in the latest releases. Some pilots still claim to prefer the last pre-2.0 release, 1.5j. Updates are freely available from the official website.

Phoenix ships with a special USB adapter to connect your transmitter to the simulator. This acts as a copy control "dongle"; the manufacturer's offer a reduced-price replacement adaptor on returning a damaged adaptor.

Phoenix contains a CCPM demixer, and so can be used with stock transmitters shipped with CCPM ready to fly helicopters.

Phoenix models about 50 helicopters, 50 planes, gliders, an autogyro and a tilt-rotor. An editor is available for those who wish to modify existing models or create completely new ones, the best and most popular of which are then distributed for free via the official website.

The user can make recordings, which are stored in the user's My Documents\PhoenixRC\Recordings directory. These can be copied and sent to other users, who can copy them into their Recordings directory to watch the flight.

Users can fly online with other Phoenix users. It is necessary for all users to be running the same version, and have all the models in use by other pilots installed.

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