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A maneuver in which the helicopter rotates around its yaw axis (which is generally centered through the main rotor shaft on single and coaxial rotored helicopters). Not overly complex maneuvers by themselves (can be done at varying speeds, and in hover), piros add additional layers of complexity to many other maneuvers. Piros can also be used as openers, finishers or as transitions between other maneuvers. For example an aileron tic-toc can be finished with a few pirouettes. A pilot can also use piros to make his flight look complicated and more fluid to a viewer.

Hovering pirouettes are complicated by the helicopter's translating tendency, which means that as the helicopter rotates, the pilot needs to constantly readjust the helicopter to balance it in the hover.

Variations: piro-funnels, piroflip, chaos, piro-loops.

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