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Here's what you can do to help everyone:

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: if you see something that you know is wrong, click on the 'Edit' button towards to top (or bottom) of the page and fix it! You don't need to become a member of the site, but if you do it will mean your entries will be credited to you. You'll be doing everyone who reads that page in future a huge favor!
  • If you think something is wrong, but don't have the confidence to edit the article yourself, feel free to use the associated discussion page to bring it to our attention.
  • If some of the text is confused or not easily understandable, you can use the associated discussion page to berate us. There's no point having information that people can't understand.
  • PICTURES: we are in dire need of pictures of just about everything! Visit out needed pictures page for more information on what pictures we'd like.
  • If you can't find details about YOUR model of helicopter, please spend a few moments to create a page about your experiences with it. The only way this site can grow and help other people is if those with experience of particular bits of hardware submit useful information.

Some other tasks include:

  • Some information boxes are missing much needed information - which you can easily provide if you own or have access to the item in question and have a ruler or a caliper (suitable for smaller dimensions) at hand to measure it;
  • Articles which are still in their initial form need to be revised and expanded;
  • Check the list of dead end pages and link them to other pages wherever possible;
  • Check the list of orphaned pages and link them from other pages if possible;
  • Do the todos.

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