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A rudder channel to throttle channel mix is used to compensate for changing power demands as the tail rotor pitch changes.

As tail rotor pitch increases (for example, when performing a pirouette), the power required from the main engine will also increase. Unless the throttle is opened to compensate for this, the main rotor RPM will drop slightly, causing the aircraft to descend if it were hovering.

By setting up a rudder to throttle mix on the transmitter, the pilot's workload is reduced as the aircraft becomes more predictable. A rudder to throttle mix is not the ultimate answer however, as the head speed will still vary due to changes in power demand caused by the gyro automatically changing tail rotor pitch to maintain heading. A governor is considered by some to be a better if more complicated solution.

Helicopters with motor driven tails do not suffer from this problem, as tail power is derived from a separate tail motor.

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