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Four types of servo connector are in common use:

Futaba J connectors are three pin polarized connectors that have a polarizing tab on the signal wire, and chamfered corners on the underside (older Futaba J connectors may not have the chamfer).
These servo connector is similar to the Futaba J, except that it does not have the polarizing tab, replyig on the chamfers for polarization. A Futaba J female connector can be plugged into a JR male connector if the polarizing tab is removed with a knife. All these connectors are physically and electrically compatiable.
  • Micro JST
JST-ZH series connectors used by JR, Spektrum, and others when a smaller connector is needed.
  • Futaba G (Futaba Micro)
Connector used on a small number of Futaba receivers (such as R616FFM) and servos (S3111M & S3114M), believed to be Molex Picoblade. Incompatiable with the normal Micro JST connector.

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